Thursday, August 27, 2009 Auction: will soon be closing up on their most recent auction. There isn't much Dodger stuff to really speak of, but I figured "what the hey!" I'll post them anyway. Below is a goofy looking press photo of the 1939 Dodgers prior to some conditioning drills at the Hot Baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas during Spring Training. I don't recognize any of the players, except for the manager Leo Durocher- who is standing. Don't ask me what those rods are for. I haven't a clue.

Below is a Sandy Koufax painting featuring his rookie card at the top and his actual autograph on the ball in the center. It is painted by Charles De Simone.

Below is a beautifully done painting of Walter Johnson done by Darryl Vlasak.

Here is another Vlasak painting of Ty Cobb. I love the details of his work.

Below is a video by the auction house featuring some of the above paintings.

YouTube Link: Collectauctions:

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