Thursday, August 06, 2009

eBay: Dodger Finds

On to another edition of vintage Dodger finds on eBay.

Below we have an advertising counter display of 1965 National League Champions Dodgers "Cheer Bows." They were originally sold at Dodger Stadium concession stands at the end of the '65 season after the dodgers clinched the League Championship. As you know, the Dodgers won the World Series that year against the Minnesota Twins.

The best thing about this auction is the seller's description of how he came in possession of the bows and counter display. He claims that he received this from his 5th grade girlfriend in 1965. Her father was an employee of the Dodgers at the time. It sold for $31.01.

I am showing this because I find it hilarious. This Hasbro Mike Piazza doll made in 1993 sold for $10.49.

Vintage glassware featuring the Los Angeles Dodger is very rare. Most have not lasted the test of time, and those that have are riddled with imperfections, cracks and wear. Below is a very nice 1959 Duke Snider Los Angeles Dodger Stars drinking glass that sold for $31.00.

Here is a John Roseboro's Dodger Stars drinking glass. It sold for $16.48.

Charlie Neal's glass sold for $10.45.

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