Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vintage Collectible Commercials

A recent twitter post by Upper Deck got me searching a bit for some old-time vintage card/ collectible commercials from my youth. Check them out below.

YouTube Link: 1987Hawkeyes:

Does anybody remember this game that used over-sized 1989 Topps cards? Neither do I.

YouTube Link: milwaukeetvmadmen:

Check out this 1992 Donruss commercial.

YouTube Link: Musicluvr76:

How About a 1960's Post Cereal commercial featuring Mickey Mantle and Post Baseball cards.

YouTube Link: OldWorldTelevision:

Remember Sportscasters?

YouTube Link: rrunner81sg:

1 comment:

  1. those sportscards were cool. the kid down the street collected them. he wanted to collect something the rest of us didn't have. we had baseball and football cards, he had the sportscards. I wonder what he did with them.


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