Monday, October 19, 2009

Card Of The Week: Sawed Off

Rob Deer was all about power. He tried to slug with the best of them in the 80's. Unfortunately, he never really came close to leading the league in homers. On the other hand, he did lead the league in being struck out four times in his career.

The above 1992 Leaf card of Rob Deer was one of my favorites from the set. It shows both his mighty swing and the disappointment of a splintered bat in his palms. In fact, you can say that it epitomized his career. He was a "feast or famine" hitter. His powerful swing was evident for all to see, but, ultimately, it was all for naught.


  1. Very cool photo. Rob is very much an old-school player.

  2. Great look of the sawed off bat. Just think how you really had to get inside to break the bat then


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