Wednesday, February 03, 2010

T. J. Simers is a Hack

I read something this morning that has me more irate than I thought I ever could get from a sports article. T J. Simers is a worthless douche of a writer, and, if I had my way, I'd force him to work in the faraway sports haven of Siberia so we can all forget he exist. He is a hack. He is a charlatan of the worst kind. He is not a professional purveyor of the literary craft. Instead, he is a man of poor insight and observation.

What has gotten me so riled up ready to tear the head off a little old man like a wild banshee? Well, this morning I came across a Page 2 article written by Simers that touches on his trip down to Figueroa to watch a Kings game.

You see, the Kings have been on quite a tear lately, having won 6 in a row- 5 of them on the road against powerhouse Eastern Conference teams like Boston and New Jersey. They even took out the Red Wings in Hockeytown. So, it's easy to understand why, suddenly, the LA media decides to take notice of this surging organization.

Anyway, Simers goes to the Staples Center and comes away with an impression I cannot understand. In fact, I'm convinced he was not watching. At the very least he lacks the basic ability to observe what is plainly in front of him. Let me provide an example.

There were so many empty seats, and as hot as the Kings have been, the place felt flat.
Simers, you worthless maggot! The game was a sellout! How about this.
I've heard more cheering at Clippers games, and sometimes fans were even cheering for them.
This statement really had me pissed off. Why, you ask? At the opening of the game as the team was introduced onto the ice the fans game the Kings a standing ovation. As I mentioned previously, the teams went on a historic winning streak and fans were understandably appreciative. After years of heartache and toiling in the bottom of the rankings, a focused plan by the GM is finally showing fruits. We have suffered, we have prayed and now we are enjoying the rewards.
Maybe it was just one of those nights, L.A. having only so many hockey fans and with something else to do -- understandably they couldn't find anyone to take their tickets.
I don't have the exact stats, but Staples Center has been filled to the max and sold out for most games over the past month and a half. Yes, attendance was bad, but as word spread of this resurgent franchise fans of old have come back to watch them for themselves.
The first period ended with no score, and while Dwyre loves writing about nothing happening, it would have been also way past his bedtime, so in his honor, I went home.

I have no idea who won, but that's all right.
That figures.

Please, for the love of God do not ever come to a Kings game again. I know I don't want you there and, I think it's fair for me to say this, I don't think other Kings fans want you there either. You can't write. You provide no meaningful insight. You are a worthless piece of crap.

BTW, the Kings won 2 to 1. They are on a 7 game winning streak and this crying fan is shedding tears of happiness. Playoffs here we come!

(P.S. Thank for bearing with me as I went on a little rant there.... I feel better now.)


  1. Uh dude... its hockey. Who cares!

    I'd be mad at Simers just because he was writing about hockey.

    I for one think Simers has stepped his game up a bit. He's always there to ask the tough, though usually ridiculous, questions.

  2. Oh Man! Hockey, next to Baseball (of course), is the greatest game around. Besides what else am I gonna do during the Winter.

    I will say this, though, there is a strong similarity between the Dodgers recent rise of its youngster from the farm and the Kings recent rise because of their farm.

  3. ernest- "Hockey, next to Baseball (of course), is the greatest game around."

    Couldn't agree with you more. Except on which SoCal hockey team I root for haha.

  4. ugh!

    Hockey and soccer are in the same boat. Yawn.


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