Wednesday, March 24, 2010

eBay Auction: Drysdale Sings!

Don Drysdale was the jack of all trades. An entertainer who could strike fear into the hearts of a batter while making the ladies swoon with a bat of his eyelash. He was a fireball breathing pitcher from the 60's and a suave debonair actor at night. Heck, he did shows from the Brady Bunch to the Rifleman- that's range. As retirement set in he stayed in LA to broadcast ballgames for the Dodgers until his passing in 1993. One level of entertainment that seemed to not be a part of his repertoire was singing. At least, I had never heard of him trying to carry a tune. Well, below is proof that Don Drysdale did try his hand as a recording artist. I have never heard this, but would love to. Anyone have this single, a record player, a video or audio tape and a willingness to put it on youtube? I think we would all be appreciative.

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