Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sign Me Up for the Blue Ballers!

I am officially throwing my hat into the ring. I want to considered for the Dodger Blue Baller dance team.

I want to jiggle my butt while dancing to the tunes of Nancy Bea Hefley on the organ as Dodgers fans throughout the stadium clap along.

I could easily maneuver through the aisle while doing the jig with Julie of the Blue Babes.

I can imagine it now- my big fat behind with Blue short-shorts riding up my crack and a skin tight top that accentuates my manly quadrupled ridged man-boobs next to a painted Blue vixen with a t-shirt cannon in her arms. We would perform the latest dance routines that includes jumping, throwing and cheering like George Bush during his college years.

I fit all of the qualification outlined at SOSG too. I am a sports geek that not only reads blogs, but I write one. Maybe not too eloquently, but I am a part of the underground pajama wearing fraternity with pimples and a WOW account to prove it.

So, when are the auditions?

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