Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a Game! Kings Take Series Lead

Tonight was the most excited I've ever been for a hockey game.  It was crazy tonight.  The crowd was large, loud and raucous.  A buzz was in the air.  We knew we were going to win this game, and it was obvious before the drop of the first puck that nothing would stop this train.

That's how confident we all felt.  We just knew. 

Thankfully, the Kings obliged us. They were perfect on the power play, scoring 3 goals on 3 power play attempts.  They were battling along the boards like wild animals fighting for a meal.  They cleared pucks away from the slot when Vancouver went on the offensive.  Drew Doughty and Jack Jackson were masterful on the blue line.  Everything was coming to together, and in the end they won 5 to 3.

WooHoo!  Kings win!

Before you entered Staples Center fans were greeted by some remodeled statues.  Awesome, just awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Last night was amazing. I haven't seen that much excitement at a KIngs game in a while.


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