Friday, September 23, 2011

Collection: Pedro Guerrero Post Season Performers Auto

Here is a 2005 Upper Deck Classics Post Season Performers autographed card of Dodger slugger Pedro Guerrero from my collection.

Overall, Pedro only hit a paltry .225 is post season play, but he sure knew how to turn it on when it really counted. In the 1981 World Series, after going 5 for 36 in division play, he earned co-MVP honors with Ron Cey and Steve Yeager by belting 2 home runs while knocking in 7 runs during the 6 game series. From Wikipedia:
In somewhat of a symbol of the insufficient attention he received during his impressive career, he was the only one of the three not to be interviewed during the nationally televised post-game celebration.
Ya know, the above statement is so true. Pedro did have a heck of a career, and it always seems like this is overlooked.

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