Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption- Dodgers

Following up on my previous post featuring 2012 Topps cards, I now focus on several wrapper redemption cards that are just starting to arrive in the mail boxes of eager collectors. As you probably already know, Topps offered limited 5 card packs of "Gold Rush" cards with a redemption of either 50 hobby pack wrappers (packs bought at retail stores like Target or Walmart do not qualify) or 14 jumbo wrappers.

There are 50 cards in this limited set, and 4 of them are Dodgers. Check them all out below. I did not purchase any hobby packs so I won't be receiving any packs to open, but I've been checking out eBay and discovered that they are very affordable- no more than a couple of bucks a piece. The real draw to these redemption packs is that autographed versions are randomly inserted within them. Either, Kemp and Sandy Koufax autographs are available. So far, I've only seen the Andre Ethier autographed card offered for sale.

Sandy Koufax

Matt Kemp

Clayton Kershaw
Andre Ethier

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