Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Koufax 2012 Topps Coin Promo?

With it almost a week into the 2012 Topps Baseball madness, I am sure many of you have already seen this card, or others like it. It is a limited insert card found in packs that feature 15 different Golden Greats along with a golden colored coin embedded with it. This is the Sandy Koufax coin insert card and, as you can see, is numbered to only 32 copies.

I show this particular card from the set (I plan on featuring most of the Dodgers cards from the Topps set in a future post) because I ran into a similar item on eBay. Check out the picture below.

The seller states that it is a promotional coin that was sent to dealers. It looks like it's 4 or 5 inches wide, is still sealed in plastic, and features Sandy Koufax. In fact, it look exactly like the Koufax coin in the above insert card. Unfortunately, the seller doesn't provide very many details. Anyone out there have any familiarity with these. Were all dealers sent a Koufax, or were other players also available? Anyone?


  1. These coins were given to dealers who purchased the 2012 Topps on the first day of sale. Dealers were given 1 (one) coin of 1 (one) player only. These coins are the same as the ones that are in the numbered cards and the only difference is these coins are not in cards. They are the same weight, size, etc.From what I understand these coins are almost as rare as the ones placed in cards.


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