Monday, May 21, 2012

Grey Flannel Auctions: Orel Hershiser Collection- Part 2

Following on last weeks post focused on 1988 Dodgers related memorabilia from Orel Hershiser's collection, here are some additional Bulldog items to gawk over.

Hershiser was not only great for the Dodgers.  He was also very good for the Cleveland Indians.  In 1995 he lead the Tribe to an American League Championship and captured the MVP award for his efforts.  BTW, he remains the only pitcher to win the LCS Most Valuable Player Award in both leagues.  Check out the award below.

See, I told you Orel was a big collector.  Here is a 1981 Valenzuela jersey from his personal collection.  Fernando won the Cy Young, Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger Awards that year.

The Bulldog even loves hockey.  Per the auction description:
As told to us by Orel, he went to a Kings game in Los Angeles in 1989-90 and after the game, visited with Wayne Gretzky in the Kings locker room. Gretzky gave Orel the shirt off his back from that game.

Below is Hershiser's 1982 Albuquerque Dukes Championship ring.

This would be great to have for any Bulldog Collector.  It is a game-used ball from Orel's 100th win on June 9, 1991.

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