Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 6/26/2012

Here is an early look at the Tommy Lasorda/ Walter Alston bobblehead that will be given out on July 14th, via @Dodger twitter.
  • Fox Sports AM570 speaks with Torii Hunter and his relationship with Matt Kemp.  Hunter also reveals how close he came to signing with the Dodgers in 2007.
  • As long as Matt Kemp comes back healthy, I really don't care if he can't represent the Dodgers in the All-Star Game.  Via AP, "Matt Kemp Likely to Miss ASK in KC." 
Mattingly left open the slim possibility of Kemp appearing in the All-Star game July 10 at Kauffman Stadium if he has already returned to the Dodgers' lineup first.

"We talked about him playing for us before we get there, so if he's been able to do all that and play for us before the All-Star game ... we're talking about all this guessing when he's going to be ready," Mattingly said. "It seems silly to me, honestly. He's not ready to play yet, he's still going through the process of running bases and running curves. We're talking about an All-Star game, we're talking about practice."
Zach Lee is the youngest Dodger minor-leaguer to make it to AA since Withrow but I see this move as an agressive more similar to Billingsley and Kershaw. However, there are 5 starters already there in AA so it will be interesting to see what happens, perhaps someone will move on or go to the bullpen.

I think Lee is not destined for a Big League call-up until September 2013 but once you get to AA, anything can happen.
  • Left Field Pavilion shares some vintage pics of Sandy, Duke and Willie.
  • Chris Capuano has a secret admirer, via Busted Coverage.  Well, maybe not so secret.
  • Steve Lyons is trying to settle everyone down, via twitter.
How tough must it have been to have a mother for just six years?

Correction: "Six great years," he says while reaching for his cellphone.

"You see my screen saver here? This picture was taken in her final days. It's the one I look at just before every game."
  • The Dodgers 4th Annual Star Wars Night will be on July 2nd.  Get this limited Dodgers/ Star Wars t-shirt with a special ticket order package.  Go here for details.
  • Check out "The 24 Hottest Women of Wimbledon 2012, via Coed Magazine.

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