Monday, July 09, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 7/9/2012

Here's a peek at the Tommy Lasorda/ Walter Alston bobblehead being given out on July 14th, via twitter @Dodgers.
  • Dodgers 1st round pick Corey Seager is off to a fast start in his pro career.  In his second game ever he gets 3 hits while scoring twice, via Robert Emrich at  Seager went 1 for 3 in his first game this past Saturday.
 "That was really exciting," Seager said. "I've been waiting for it since last Saturday and I finally got in and I finally got to play. First two innings, I was nervous. The game was going a little fast, but after the second, everything kind of slowed down and it was all right."
“Many players would faint in practice,” Kuroda said with the assistance of his interpreter, Kenji Nimura. “I did go to the river and drink. It was not the cleanest river, either. I would like to believe it was clean, but it was not a beautiful river."
"It's exciting," Reed said by his locker at Kauffman Stadium, where he suited up for the World team. "It's obviously a new experience coming into a new season, great city, and obviously a nice ballpark to play in.  A lot of talent here."
  • Just a little bit of controversy brewing in the autographed Koufax contest at Beckett.  Greg has more.
This year's event was in Kansas City and hundreds of people have shown up to find out what their sports cards and sports memorabilia are worth. Much of it is of the modern vintage but once in awhile a gem walks in the door, often in the hands of older folks who have hung onto it for years.
“When Satch relieved against us [in Cleveland], he was just spotting the ball around. [It seemed like] he had lost 60 mph off of his fastball. He threw his breaking stuff and he had great control so you knew he was going to be around the plate all the time. He wasn’t going to overpower you like I had seen him in his earlier days,” he said.
LG: I’m going to ask you about one team specifically, because it’s been talked about much of the season. Is there an appeal to the Dodgers for you?

CH: It’s going home, I mean, that’s pretty much it. I know the West Coast really well.  I pitch really well on the west coast. I think it’s appealing to every player when they’re growing up that, one day, hoping they can play in the major leagues, it’s always to play for your home team. Even though the Padres were obviously the home team I grew up with, the Dodgers were kind of there neck and neck, so I think that’s the closest home team I would ever get to.  

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