Thursday, July 12, 2012

eBay: Vintage LA Dodgers Give-Away Baseball Glove

Here is something I've never seen for sale on eBay.  Heck, I've never actually laid eyes on one before.  In fact, I'm surprised any exist; especially in this condition.  It looks like it has never been used.

Featured above is a 1988 Dodger Stadium game give-away.  It is a Blue Dodger Baseball glove in pristine condition.  There doesn't appear to be any scraps or marks anywhere on it.  Heck, it's like the glove has been hiding in a box in the garage since the day it was first received.  It stayed away from the dirty hands of some kid and the fading powers of the sun.  It sold recently on eBay for $36.53.

BTW, the same seller has some 1990's era Albuquerque Dukes fan memorabilia for sale, as well.  It includes some really cool wristbands.  Check out that listing, here.


  1. I like it where can Ifind one at Ibeen loking for one that says los angeles dodgers on it for days

  2. Love Vintage LA Dodgers Give-Away Baseball Glove. I'll buy one!


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