Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dick Perez Original Baseball Artwork of Campy, Pee Wee, Sandy and the Duke

For most Baseball collectors the name Dick Perez elicits memories of early 80's Donruss Baseball cards that featured paintings called "Diamond Kings"  They were glorious drawings, one player per team, that became most kids first introduction into sports art. I remember thinking that those cards were beautiful, and even though they never garnered any real collector value (in terms of price), I think most collectors enjoyed seeing them when ripping open a Donruss pack.

These days, Donruss may no longer exist, but at least the art of Dick Perez endures. 

Recently, I received word that collectors can now purchase original oil on canvas paintings from Dick Perez, and I thought I should pass that along.  They are available through ARTmine.  Go to this link here.

There are over 50 paintings available for sale, so go ahead and do some browsing.  BTW, a solo art exhibition of Dick Perez's works will take place next year at the Agora Gallery in New York from March 26 to April 16, 2013.

At the very top is a Roy Campanella oil on canvas painting.  It measures 28" x 22" and is priced at $5,000.00.  Above is Pee Wee Reese watercolor that is 16" x 12" and priced at $1,200.00. 

The Sandy Koufax oil painting measures 30" x 20" and is available at $4,800.00.  Duke Snider below is at $3,500.00.

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