Friday, August 31, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 8/31/2012

What a gorgeous photo of Vin Scully with a rainbow from his bobblehead night, via twitter @WHoltzman. (Hat Tip: Deadspin)
  • Matt Guerrier is back from the DL; Josh Wall sent back to Albuquerque, via a Dodger Press Release.
  • Tom Hoffarth at the Daily News reviews a new book about Gil Hodges and laments that the Dodgers may inadvertently be the cause for his lack of enshrinement.  Howard Cole calls that reasoning bunk.  I agree with Howard Cole on this, and I don't believe the policy of waiting for a player to be elected into the Hall of Fame before retiring their number to be a bad one.
  • Ramona Shelbourne at ESPN speaks with James Loney about the trade.
"They were giving me opportunities. They just wanted production and stuff like that. It was more of 'Hey, we've got other guys we want to try and mix and match.' That's what they were trying to do, they were just mixing and matching. I understand what it is. But obviously I want to play." 
On a side note, at last nights game a video was played between innings featuring several Dodger players talking about which athlete they most would like to trade places with.  James Loney was in it and the Dodger Stadium crowd gave him a big "Boo", and I instantly became disappointed in the fans. Look, Loney may not have been the star we had hoped he'd be, but I never doubted with desire to give it his all.  He gave the effort, and at the end of the day that's all we can ask.  Unfortunately, it just didn't work out. 
  • The Stanley Cup will be visiting six local ice rinks on Thursday, Sept. 6 to help raise money for local youth hockey programs.  Go here for information.  50 photo spots will be raffled off by each rink to the public.
  • Beyond the Boxscore wonders "Just How Fast Was Cool Papa Bell?"

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