Friday, August 24, 2012

Wow!!! That is a Blockbuster!

Unbelievable.  If Jon Morosi is to believed a trade appears to be done.
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In exchange for:
  • James Loney (who we no longer need due to this trade);
  • Jerry Sands (who has no room to play in the Dodgers outfield);
  • Ivan De Jesus (who really didn't have a shot with us);
  • Allen Webster (a great pitching prospect who was a bit of a late bloomer); and
  • Rubby De La Rosa (no doubt the centerpiece of the trade)
We get:
  • Adrian Gonzalez (a power hitting first baseman we have longed for);
  • Josh Beckett (a pitcher who has struggled all season long);
  • Nick Punto (an infielder who would come off the bench); and
  • Carl Crawford (who will likely miss 8 to 12 months due to Tommy John Surgery that will be performed soon)
Obviously, the kicker here is that the Dodgers take on a bunch of salary.  A whole bunch.  Fortunately, I hear Boston is throwing some cash our way, as well.

Gonzalez is owned $21 Million a year starting in 2013, and it jumps up to $21.5 Million in 2017 and 2018.  Josh Beckett is owed $15,750,000 in 2013 and 2014.  Nick Punto is owed $1.5 Million in 2013.  Carl Crawford (and this is the really big one) is owed an average of $20.5 Million over the next 5 years, and he will miss most of 2013 due to Tommy John surgery. 

That's a lot of change to consider, but I don't really see it as a huge risk (save Carl Crawford).  I think any Dodger fan would happily pay Adrian Gonzalez his salary.  If a change of scenery causes Beckett to revert to form, then his salary is more than fair.  Punto is a reserve infielder and paid fairly for that role.  Carl Crawford, on the other hand, is a bitter pill to swallow.  He is to have Tommy John surgery soon and is at best expected to be back by the All-Star break next season. 

That said, I can't be too displeased with this deal.  We get a power hitter at 1st, and someone to start games who isn't named Joe Blanton. 

Anyway, check out some stats of these potential new Dodgers.

Here are his career stats, via Baseball Reference: 

Here are his career stats, via Baseball Reference: 

Here are his career stats, via Baseball Reference:

Here are his career stats, via Baseball Reference: 

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  1. Very relieved not to see Zach Lee in there. But still kind of conflicted. We'll see.

    1. yeah, I hear ya... at this point I prefer to be cautiously optimistic

      Rubby De La Rosa is going to be good, though... his loss will probably be a big one

  2. Please, please, please let it happen!!!! I don't want to lose Gonzalez but It is worth it to get rid of Crawford.


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