Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 12/11/2012

ESPN Reporter Beto Duran tweeted this pic from Dodger Stadium yesterday.  As you can see, they have removed much of the concrete from the field level seats and are in the process of digging out a new clubhouse for the players.  Furthermore, Duran notes that this is a $100Million makeover.
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  • If you don't already know the details, Eric Stephen at True Blue LA has a complete breakdown of Hyun-Jin Ryu's contract.
  • Dodger Pulse has a bunch of photos from the recent Dodgers Mall Tour in West Covina that was held this past Saturday.  Go here to see them.
  • Topps tweeted a preview pic from an upcoming 2013 Baseball product (Retro Mini's) that uses a 1972 Topps vintage design for an autographed card.  See it at right.  If you look closely you'll see a Matt Kemp card along the right border.  Click on the pic to embiggen.  BTW, go here to see the Kemp Retro Mini base card.
  • Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs analyzes the Zach Greinke signing and what it means to the market.  I found this to be the most interesting comment:
Additionally, in Greinke’s exposure to the National League with the Brewers, he was caught by some exceptional pitch-framers, and the numbers suggest that Greinke derived a considerable benefit. The purest evaluation of a pitcher isolates him from all other variables, and catchers are among them. We don’t know nearly enough about this to say that Jonathan Lucroy and Martin Maldonado helped Greinke by X runs, but there might be something there. A.J. Ellis‘ framing numbers, by comparison, are not good. It’ll be better for Greinke to pitch in the NL Los Angeles instead of the AL Los Angeles, as it was better for him to pitch in Milwaukee, but the catchers are going to be different.
  • Here's some tabloid kind of stuff.  TMZ has a pic of Josh Beckett being paddled around by his "hot" wife.
  • Via Net Income at NetDaily, they mention that Monday was the dedication of an Ebbets Field flagpole at the new Barclay Center.
  • Dale Murphy's only daughter makes an impassioned plea in support of her fathers induction into the Hall of Fame at The Hall of Very Good.
  • COED blog has the ultimate guide to what I like to call the "Year of Kate Upton".  Check it out.
  • Ball Caps Blog notes that the Baseball Solstice falls on Christmas this year.

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