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Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 12/19/2012

Sports Collectors Daily has some preview pics from Topps 2013 Archives set; including the Clayton Kershaw card on a 1985 Topps design, above.
The problem with Steve Garvey, though, is that he's not going to Cooperstown anytime soon, at least not as a member of baseball's most exclusive and maddeningly incomplete fraternity. "I don't think I was imagining it," said George Brett, who is in the club. "I know I read a lot of stories about 'future Hall of Famer' Steve Garvey."
First and foremost, baseball agents have agendas, and if it helps to have a client's name attached to a particular trade rumor, that's reason enough to float the information. And second, a fair percentage of what you read about this player or that going to Team A or Team B is pure fiction. 
That, in a nutshell, is The Curse of Plenty. The Dodgers have more money to spend than anyone, without enough top players to go after. They've clogged their roster with merely decent talent at multiple positions because their general manager is impulsive and overeager to spend that money without properly gauging the market for the few elite talents out there. One great way to find those top players is to develop them yourself, but the Dodgers have shipped away several strong prospects to make reactionary trades, such as the Gonzalez deal.
  • Matt Hunter at Beyond the Boxscore writes about "Some Factors that Might Affect Pitch Framing."
  • The A's new shortstop tells the media during their press conference that Billy Beane is "sexy and cool," via Big League Stew.
  • A survey by Level5 indicates an 'alarming' level of damage done to the NHL brand, via Roy MacGregor at Globe and Mail. Color me not surprised.  Even this hardcore/die hard Kings fan finds it hard to reconcile my love for the sport with my revulsion for this lockout.
  • Here is a fun little recap video created by YouTube featuring 2012's greatest trending videos.

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