Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Panini Cooperstown Blaster Box Break

You know what's great about getting gift certificates for Christmas?  Being able to use them to buy some Baseball cards.  And this past weekend, I did just that.

I walked down the card collector aisle at my local Target and stumbled upon a blaster box of Panini's Cooperstown Baseball cards.  I knew right then what I wanted to buy.  I've been fascinated with the set ever since I wrote about it back in November (here & here).  Now, I have an opportunity to actually open some packs.  So, check out my booty in the pics above and below.

The best part about the set is the large number of Dodgers within it.  I pulled out a Jackie, a Walter, a Burleigh and a Campy.  Scans of both the front and reverse are shown in this post.  Click any pic to embiggen.

I had initially disliked the design of the base cards, but now that I held some in my hands, I have to say it is growing on me.  Below are some other non-Dodgers I pulled. 

I loved that they included a Hall of Fame umpire in the set, and I think it would be great if current umpires were included in future Baseball card sets - just so I can burn them when they make a bad call against the Dodgers. 

Below are some of the inserts I pulled.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any more Dodger players, but I did get a interesting wooden card of Reggie Jackson (bottom row, far left).

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