Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Torn Down Ebbets Field

I just love this photo.  Featured here is a 35mm negative, claimed by the seller to have been taken by noted photographer Arthur Rickerby, of Ebbets Field in the midst of being torn down.  The framing is incredible, as the backside of the Ebbets Field sign appears to overlook the ruins that once hosted the nations greatest Baseball heroes.  The foreground consist of empty seats strewn about as if a giant child had invaded the premises and delighted in stacking and piling up the old hardware without a vestige of sympathy.  The background is nothing but a desolate place. 

The seller indicates that the photo negative dates to 1960.  BTW, Arthur Rickerby started out as a UPI (former Acme Photos) photographer covering post-war Japan and Germany, while also covering sports.  Soon, he would go freelance and work with LIFE Magazine to cover the Kennedy Administration.  He is noted for his sports related work in covering the Yankees and football.

This auction item recently closed at just $12.50.  A steal, if you ask me. Check out Arthur Rickerby's official website here.
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