Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another New Vin Scully Baseball Card from Panini

For the second time in as many months Panini releases a Baseball card set that includes a Vin Scully insert card for adoring fans to gawk over.  Check it out above.  This past November they released their Cooperstown set that included a Scully insert and autographed card (see them here).

It is from Panini's 2012 National Treasures Baseball set (see a complete checklist here), and it officially becomes available today at your local hobby store.  Apparently, this is the only card of him in the entire set, and it is very limited (just to 20 copies).  As you can see, it includes Scully's portrait and an autograph "cut" from one of his old banking checks.

BTW, National Treasures is a very high-end Baseball card set.  An unopened box of cards will run you about $350.00, and you get only one pack it it.  So, this is definitely for collectors with some cash to burn.  On the plus side, that one pack is filled with "hits" - literally.  Each pack includes 8 cards, and all 8 cards will either have a relic, autograph or a combination of the two.  Heck, even the base cards are hits.  Hopefully, by the end of the week I'll have pics of all of them to share here.

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