Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Take from the Long Beach Expo

Following up on yesterdays post regarding my day at the Long Beach Expo, today I share my purchases.  As I had written previously, I hadn't planned on buying much of anything, but a table filled with $3.00 PSA graded cards called to me.  I spent a good half an hour (or longer) sifting through several giant stacks of PSA graded cards.  It was filled with mostly vintage Baseball and football cards, and I could help myself as I snagged just a couple of cards for my collection.  I figured at $3 bucks a piece I couldn't go wrong. 

Check out a 1969 Topps Stamps Paul Popovich and a 1968 Topps Game Tommy Davis cards below.  I know Tommy was on the Cubs at this time, but to me he looks like he's wearing a Dodger uniform in the picture.  Popovich spent about 1.5 years with the Dodgers before being trade bait (along with Ron Fairly) in 1969 for Manny Mota and Maury Wills.  I think it's fair to say that we won that trade.

I also figured I couldn't go wrong with a handful of 1965 Disney Puzzleback cards.  Check them out below.  Some research revealed that there are 66 cards in the entire set, so I am seriously considering added this set to my ever growing wantlist.  On top of that, $3 each wasn't a bad price.  BTW, other non-sport cards in the pile included numerous 1950's Bowman 'Power for Peace' cards that I regret not taking home.

Oh, yeah!  The original Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is in the card below.  A couple of weekends ago I visited Disneyland for the first time in years and discovered that they now call this Tarzan's Treehouse, to my consternation.

I also bought a couple of display supplies that includes the below two pin display boxes.  Fading has become a concern for my collection, so I figured it was time to take down some of my displayed items from the wall and put them into something more safe.  Check out some of my vintage pins in their new home, below.

These are some more modern Dodger pins; including several Spring Training commemorative pins (at the top left) and a bunch of Unocal 76 Dodgers give-away pins. 

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