Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Stickers is Here - See the Dodgers' Cards

The most affordable Topps Baseball product of the year has officially been released.  It is 2013 Topps Stickers, and they should be available everywhere.  A pack of 8 stickers should cost about $1.00.  There are 10 Dodgers in the set (including a team logo sticker), but only 9 of them are available in packs.  The final card (of Andre Ethier) is available only on a perforated sheet located within the sticker album.  See all of the Dodgers stickers you can get below.

#244 Sandy Koufax                             #245 Brandon League

#246 Matt Kemp                                     #247 Hanley Ramirez

#248 Clayton Kershaw                              #249 Adrian Gonzalez 
#250 Carl Crawford                                       #251 Josh Beckett 

As indicated above, the Andre Ethier is on the initial checklist, but his sticker is not available in hobby packs. It is only available in the perforated sheets located within the sticker album.

#252 Andre Ethier

Below is the team logo sticker.

#289/315 Los Angeles Dodgers/ Angels Dual Team Sticker

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