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Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 3/6/2013

Joe Torre is set to be Team USA's manager in the WBC.  Check out more pics from Dodgers' photographer Jon SooHoo from yesterday, here.
My blaster did not contain any "hits" worth mentioning.  That doesnt matter, in all of the thousands of packs I've opened, I've never pulled a card worth more then $50, anyway.  That was never the point of me ripping Heritage.

I loved ripping heritage because it was the closest thing to "old" cards that were on the market.  Todays players portrayed in classic old Topps designs.

In an age when people are all about the "shiny" and the "MOJO HITS", Topps Heritage Base Cards could be counted on for those of us that used to open packs when it was all about the gum, friends, and memories tied to the game we loved.
Mike Brito, who still wears a distinctive Panama hat and had been a fixture with his radar gun behind home plate until technology took over, is the scout who teamed with Mexican colleague Corito Verona to discover and help acquire Fernando Valenzuela in 1979.

Three decades later, Brito was the first Dodgers scout to see Yasiel Puig in a game at a junior tournament in Canada. That was 3 1/2 years ago and Puig's eventual signing for a staggering $42 million linked Brito with another budding Dodgers superstar.
  • Stephen A. Smith of ESPN is an idiot.  I agree with everything that Ryan Cowley writes at Rink Royalty.
As for Stephen A. Smith himself, he did miss one very important point: there are no ties in hockey. Working for the so-called “Worldwide leader in sports,” logic would suggest that he would know that, but evidently that’s not true. In reaction to hockey having ties, Smith said, “This ain’t soccer!”

You’re right, Stephen. Hockey ain’t soccer. In fact, if anything, basketball’s like soccer. Like soccer players, basketball players fall to the floor like pansies when they get slapped in the face, roll over when they fall on their feet after a shot (falling on their feet after jumping a few inches, how painful!) and bitch to the refs when they get pushed. Maybe Stephen A. would like to watch some hockey highlights. If he does, he should look no further than the Los Angeles Kings.
  • The reporter who first told us about Melky Cabrera's PED violation just said that Cano, ARod, Braun and Granderson are about to slapped with 50 game suspensions, via SportsGrid.
  • Just because I love this song.  Below is the song 'Start Wearing Purple' from Gogol Bordello.

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