Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Baseball - Dodgers' Relic Cards

Holy Mackerel!  This years Topps Tribute set has a bunch of Dodgers' relic cards- like a whole bunch.  And that's not all, there are a bunch of Dodgers' autographed cards, as well.  I'll show those later on.  For now, take a look with me at the various Dodgers' game-used relic cards that are available.  As always, each card has numerous parallel cards available that come in different tints and shades.  Click any pic to embiggen.

Check out my past blog post on Dodgers' cards from this set here.

Commemorative Cuts
#CC-AG Adrian Gonzalez                   #CC-MK Matt Kemp
Famous Four Baggers
#FB-AG Adrian Gonzalez                     #FB-MK Matt Kemp
Superstar Swatches
#SS-AG Adrian Gonzalez             #SS-CK Clayton Kershaw

#SS-HR Hanley Ramirez                       #SS-MK Matt Kemp
Tribute to the Stars Relic Cards
#TTSR-AE Andre Ethier                     #TTSR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

#TTSR-CK Clayton Kershaw                #TTSR-HR Hanley Ramirez

#TTSR-MK Matt Kemp
Prime Patch Relic Cards
#PPR-CK Clayton Kershaw                          #PPR-MK Matt Kemp

Take a close look at the below Tommy Lasorda card.  They spell Tommy's last name in an unusual way. 

#PPR-TLA Tommy LaSorda
Tribute Transitions
#TT-AG Adrian Gonzalez                      #TT-EM Eddie Murray

#TT-HR Hanley Ramirez

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