Tuesday, April 23, 2013

George Sisler's Brooklyn Dodgers 1947 NL Championship Ring

I finally had a chance to really dive into the SCP catalog, and I was happy to find several other Dodgers related memorabilia items that I knew I had to share right away.  As you may know, George Sisler was a Hall of Fame 1st Baseman for the St. Louis Browns, but did you know that he was also a scout for the Brooklyn Dodgers? In fact, he helped scout Jackie Robinson for Branch Rickey, and assisted him on his transition to Major League Baseball.  Heck, Sisler even helped him with his swing - showing him how to hit the ball to all fields.

Currently up for auction is his 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers (the year Jackie broke the color barrier) National League Championship ring.  It comes directly from the family of George Sisler.  I suspect that this will sell for a bunch of dough.
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Also in the SCP auction is a 1950 4-page letter written by George Sisler to his son, who was a executive in the International League at the time.  It includes some great Baseball content, and I had plans on passing along the exact words in this post.  Unfortunately, as you'll notice in the pic, Sisler's handwriting is illegible.  I can't make out much of it.  Heck, it's worse than my doctors handwriting.  So instead, I'll just let the auction description tells us what it says.
The letter includes fascinating content concerning Sisler's longtime friend and mentor, Brach Rickey, who at the time of the letter - October 31, 1950 - had only recently declined to return as Dodgers club president and general manager and sold his share of the team to Walter O'Malley. Sisler Sr., who had worked with Rickey for many years as a special assignment scout and front-office aide, talks to his son about the prospect of discussing salary arrangements with O'Malley, whose negotations with ballplayers and club staffers was legendary in its penurious penny pinching. He also talks to his son about the possibility of George Jr. going into the Army and even asks his advice about several matter. Toward the end of the letter, he provides details to George Jr. about several insurance policies, noting the need for his son to have the information in the event of Sr.'s passing (George Sr. was 57 at the time; he would live another 23 years).
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