Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Dodger Goodies at Legendary Auctions

Legendary Auctions is about to open their newest sports offering next week, but you can take a look at a preview right now.  There are some great Dodgers related items to look through.  Check out some of my favorite memorabilia items below.  I'll have a separate post focused on some vintage Dodgers' photos up tomorrow.

Checkout this great advertising poster below.  It features Don Drysdale promising "Free Baseball Trading Cards" on boxes of Post Cereal.  As you may know, from 1961 to 1963 Post Cereal printed up sports player cards on their boxes for young fans.  BTW, I ran into a great vintage commercial featuring Mickey Mantle also pitching Post's cards on youtube.  See that here.
(Auction Link)

This Banana Bongo looks tasty,.  Heck, after having to deal with high temperatures in SoCal recently, I think you'll might think the same thing.  This frozen delicacy is a banana milk sherbet on a stick and in the 50's it would only cost you 5 cents.  What a deal!

This advertising poster also lets everyone know that for the price of a quarter and 5 wrappers of his mouth-watering confection you can sit in the grandstands at Ebbets Field. What a deal!
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Another game-used Sandy Koufax jersey is about to hit the auction block.  As I've written previously, less than 10 real gamers are known to exist, so this is quite a rarity.  Over the past year there are been at least 2 other Koufax jerseys sold (both for approximately $130,000 - here and here), so it's likely these recent values have forced owners to consider a sale.  The other two jersey's were both road uniforms, so this home white jersey might sell for a little more.
(Auction Link)
(Auction Link)

I just love this magazine.  It is of an issue of Golden Hours and features:
(the) rival Brooklyn Superbas and New York Giants raising the National League championship flag as background for an article inside "New Yorks vs. Brooklyns; or, The Battle for the 1900 Pennant". As it turns out, Brooklyn did win the pennant that year by fully 23 games over their cross-town rivals. A small chip is visible on mid-right edge and a larger one on top right edge but the display qualities are still excellent. Includes smaller inset illustrations of Brooklyn stars like Wee Willie Keeler, Bill Dahlen, Deacon McGuire, Hughie Jennings, Joe Kelly and more.
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