Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yo Dodger Blue (LA Loves You) by Harry Nilsson - A Dodger Song

It just came to my attention, via a tweet from Craig Robinson, that the legendary singer/song writer Harry Nilsson wrote a Dodger song.  It's called "Yo Dodger Blue (LA Loves You)" and is thought to have been originally recorded in 1990. This song was previously unreleased.

Unfortunately, I  was unable to embed the recording here, so check out the website "For the Love of Harry Nilsson" to check it out.  Go Here.  I guarantee you'll like it.  It's a simple and easy song to sing along to.

As you may know, Nilsson attained commercial success in the early '70's and won 2 Grammy's in his career; including a Grammy for the lead song in the movie Midnight Cowboy.  BTW, Nilsson was born in Brooklyn and eventually traveled west to Los Angeles, just like the team.

Again, checkout the Dodger song, here.

UPDATE:  I guess I should have check youtube first, eh?  Well, below is the song Yo Dodger Blue for your listening pleasure.

Video Link:

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  1. A terrific song. As simple as you can get, but a brilliant driving song at high volume, just Harry and a lot of guys having a really good time. Pick out the saxophone, for example. Too short by about 20 minutes!


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