Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Kings Unveiled their Jersey for the Game at Dodger Stadium - and it Sucks!

This just proves that the NHL is filled with incompetents.

This morning, the NHL unveiled the Stadium Series jerseys that teams will be wearing later on in the season.  As you know, the LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks will be playing a late January outdoor hockey game at Dodger Stadium, and I'm jazzed about it.

After all, what could be better than my hockey passion merging with all that is good and right (Dodger Baseball)?

Well... I'll tell you what could be better.  If the NHL took the opportunity to use the Baseball tie-in to market the game to Southern California fans.

You see, it's not enough to play a game in Chavez Ravine.  You've got to give us something pleasing to look at, and the Stadium Series Jerseys they unveiled does an atrocious job of doing that.

I am very disappointed by what they have created.  Take a look at the Kings jersey below.  Pre orders are available at the Team LA Store.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

And here's the Ducks jersey.

As you can see, the league decided to stick with the current team colors while adding a bit of chrome shininess to the jersey.  Overall, it's not a bad approach, and if the game was being played at almost any other venue, I might not be so disappointed.  But, they are playing this game at Dodger Stadium, and I believe they are missing a golden opportunity to use that.

What they should have created are Dodgers and Angels themed jersey for the Kings and Ducks.  This could have helped enforce and foster a rivalry that has been slowly building for some time. It would be like the Kings vs. the Ducks, Dodgers vs. the Angels, LA vs. OC.

Instead we get this abomination.

Here's an example of what they should've done.

Last season, the Kings held a special King's Care Foundation auction that featured Dodgers themed jerseys worn by the players during a pre-game warmup.  Take a look at one of them below. 

As you can see, they used classic Dodger Blue, and I would like to add that they looked incredible on the ice.

If the NHL had any marbles they would have worked out a deal with MLB to create this kind of jersey for the game.  They could have gone with a similar script saying Los Angeles, instead of Dodgers, or just used the Kings logo shield on front.

It would have generated enormous interest throughout Southern California, and forced many diehard Kings and Dodger fans to spend some dollars to add this to their collections.  Instead, I'm sitting here sulking at what could have been. 

I won't be placing an order for this jersey.

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