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2014 Topps Heritage Baseball - The Rare Dodger Insert Cards

These next group of Dodger insert cards are the rarest of them all.  Below are the relics, stamp, coin and other scarce Dodger inserts that you can find in 2014 Topps Heritage packs.  BTW, you can check out all of my post featuring Dodger cards from this set, here.

There is a Clubhouse Collection Quad Relic card featuring (#CCQR-GEKK) Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez, but an example has yet to surface.  Furthermore, there are two different Patch Book Cards featuring a Dodger player, but they too have yet to show up.  They are of (#PBC-DSN) Duke Snider and (#PBC-MK) Matt Kemp.

UPDATE:  Thanks to reader Matt Grizzell, we have a pic of the Clubhouse Collection Quad Relic card featuring (#CCQR-GEKK) Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez.  See it below.

1965 US Postal Stamp Relic

#65US-MW Maury Wills

#65US-SK Sandy Koufax

These next two insert cards are a part of the box-loader pack.  Each box of hobby packs comes with one large pack featuring either a uncut 3-card strip of Heritage Baseball or a 1965 Giant card like the one's below.

These cards borrow a design from a set Topps produced in 1965 called 'Presidents and Famous Americans'.  I have a complete set of this in my collection, and shared it on this blog over a year ago.  Check that set out here.  They are fairly scarce, and difficult to find.

As you can see, Clayton Kershaw is the only available Dodger in the 2014 Topps version.  See both the base card and its relic below.

1965 Giant Baseball Player Box Loader

#CK Clayton Kershaw

1965 Giant Baseball Player Box Loader Relics

#CK-R Clayton Kershaw

These next group of insert cards are very rare.  They are 1965 Mint cards featuring a player with a companion US coin from that year.  From my understanding, each player in this set has a nickel, dime, quarter and half-dollar versions available.

Five Dodgers are available.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see either the Sandy Koufax (#65M-SK) or Yasiel Puig (#65M-YP) versions.

1965 Mint

#65M-CK Clayton Kershaw

#65M-MK Matt Kemp

#65M-MW Maury Wills

The Bazooka insert cards below are a retail pack exclusive set.  So, you can only find them at Target or Walmart.

1965 Bazooka Inserts

#65B-CK Clayton Kershaw             #65B-HJR Hyun-Jin Ryu

#65B-YP Yasiel Puig

These next insert cards are very scarce.  One card is randomly inserted into every 14,667 packs.  They copy an insert set that was originally inserted into packs of 1965 Topps Baseball.  Only three dodger players are available.  See them below.

1965 Topps Embossed

#4 Yasiel Puig

#8 Hyun-Jin Ryu                               #11 Clayton Kershaw

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