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Blog Kiosk: 7/23/2014 - Dodger Links - Dodger Loss Hurt Last Night and Dee Collecting Awards

The Dodgers lost a wild one last night against the Pirates, 12 to 7.  There were hit batters, a thrown out pitcher, wild arguments, a bunch of home runs, some timely errors and relievers imploded all around.  For awhile it looked like the Dodgers could pull out a victory, but that was not to be.  If you ask me, the number one thing the Dodgers should to do is improve their bullpen.  This was a winnable game, and they were just not good enough to get the job done.  I think it's about time to have some faith in the kids (i.e. Paco, Dominguez, Garcia, etc.).  Pic above is of Justin Turner getting nailed in the arm, via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.

BTW, Josh Beckett was hard on himself when discussing the Dodgers loss, via Ken Gurnick at
"This loss pretty much falls on me," Beckett said. "I put our guys in a bad situation, having to eat innings up that way. I feel I can do a better job making small adjustments and didn't do it today. That's not competing."
Also, Adrian Gonzalez's home run last night was the 250th of his career.  Congrats, Agon!  Now, below are your daily Dodger Links:
  • Here is an early peak at the Zack Greinke bobblehead the Dodgers are giving away to fans on Wednesday, August 20th on the right.
  • Via Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider, "Dee Gordon wins Heart and Hustle Award."
“Dee absolutely deserves this award,” said MLBPAA director of communications Nikki Warner. “He embodies all that the award represents, and his passion for the game is unmatched.”
"It's really tough to take 40 rounds of players every year and put them in your system, because you don't have enough places for them to play," White said. "Then what happens is you start releasing players with only a year, a year and a half in the minor leagues, and that's not a good process either."
  • I look at this as a good omen.  Via a Dodger press release, the Dodgers RBI Jr. Division team, boys ages 13-15, earned a spot in the RBI World Series this past weekend. The RBI World Series will take place on August 6-17 at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.  
Winning pitcher Nolan Martinez threw a complete game four-hitter allowing just one earned run. Catcher Brendan Casillas went 3 for 3 with a single, double and triple. Shortstop John Jackson and center fielder Micah Wallette had two hits apiece for Dodgers RBI. Second baseman Jorge Corrales made momentum changing key defensive plays. Three players on the Dodgers RBI Jr. Division All Star Team are defending RBI World Series champs, CJ Fernandezees, Max Sterner and Micah Wallette along with manager Erikk Aldridge.
  • Pedro Guerrero... yes, that guy... made an interesting trade proposal on twitter.  So, what do you think?

  • Via Shawn Anderson at the Hall of Very Good, they are adding three new members: Luis Tiant, Tony Oliva and The San Diego Chicken. 
  • In memorabilia auction news, Keith Olbermann tells all about the plea bargain Bill Mastro has accepted for mail fraud related to his Baseball auction business.  He's the guy who trimmed the T206 Honus Wagner card into a super-mint specimen.  I've purchased several items through Mastro/Legendary Auctions over the years, so I do have a special interest in this case.  Fortunately, I don't believe I've been harmed by shill bidding; although I'm certain I benefited from it (i.e. I had bid too much for an item and immediately had bidders remorse.  A subsequent shill bid, I think, the day of the auction closing saved me from that embarrassing mistake.). 

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