Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Topps Finest Baseball - The Dodger Autograph Cards

Here's a final look at the Dodger cards that can be found in 2014 Finest Baseball card boxes.  Take a look at the Dodger autographed cards below.  Of special note, this set features the very first Erisbel Arruebarrena autographed card.  Go here to check out my past post on this set.

Autographed Rookies Set

#RA-AG Alexander Guerrero               #RA-EA Erisbel Arruebarruena

#RA-OG Onelki Garcia

Finest Greats Autographs Set

#FGA-SK Sandy Koufax

Finest Vintage Autographs Set

#FV-DS Duke Snider

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  1. Something very creepy about new autograph cards coming out 3 years after Duke's death.

    1. I hear ya...

      It's like the ghost of signatures past never goes away

      He must have signed thousands of stickers... i knew he was a frequent signer, but this is kinda crazy... he might rival Warren Spahn in number of autographs available in the hobby


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