Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creepiest Jackie Robinson "Folk Art" Doll You'll Ever See at Lelands Auctions

With the new year approaching, Lelands Auctions gets on the dais first with a vintage sports auction closing in mid-January.  Go here to check out all they have to offer. 

There are plenty of Dodger items to see, but the below doll really stuck out to me.  It is a circa 1954 handmade "folk art" doll of the Jackie Robinson.

Per the auction description:
Fabulous handmade "Back" Doll is Mrs. E.E. Stokes rendition of Jackie Robinson during his prime. It has a great look with Dodgers uniform and original hat, along with red leggings in hand-knitted wool, complicated leather belt, red hand-stitching and shoes (one shoe missing). This won First Prize at the 1954 Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona and comes with original ribbon and paper labels. Even includes a 1954 Polaroid of the doll on display. Stokes was not exactly Alexander Cartwright in her baseball acumen, as Robinson wears uniform number 11, is called "Sammy" and the cap has a "D" for Dodgers but that only adds to the charm of the piece.
This is as oddball as you can get when it comes to vintage sports memorabilia.  In fact, it's probably the most unique item you'll ever find. 

As for the "creep" factor, check out the aforementioned Polaroid photo of the doll in a display case below.  It just gives off a haunted vibe.  Doesn't it?  Or, is it just me?
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