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Blog Kiosk: 1/10/2014 - Dodger Links - Ryu, Kendrick and McCarthy

What a fantastic photo pf Tommy Lasorda, his wife Jo and slugger Darryl Strawberry at a (what I believe is) MTV's "Rock 'N Jock" softball event in January of 1990.  Photo provided via Lasorda on his instagram.

Below are some links to check out:
“I’ve had health issues my whole career,” Maynard said today. “Last year, I had back problems twice. And I felt like it was time to move on. I knew I had the talent to make it, but I knew it was a matter of if I could stay healthy … You have to stay on the field and perform to make it in the big leagues. I just couldn’t stay healthy.”
The question of whether performance enhancing drug (PED) users should be allowed to gain admittance to the Hall of Fame is one that I’ve thought a lot about. Admittedly, it’s a mess. The ramifications extend far and wide, but I believe the answer is to admit those players whose on-field accomplishments merit it and leave history to be the final judge and jury. Ultimately, I believe the greatest injustice would be to leave worthy players—some of whom are objectively among the greatest ever—out of the Hall of Fame, when there very well may be guys already enshrined who have used performance enhancing drugs. 
So Kendrick didn't pop-up once over a full season. Now, he wasn't the only one. Last year, Shin-Soo Choo didn't register a pop-up. Neither did Joe Mauer. Christian Yelich only popped up on the very last day of the season. But, Kendrick batted a lot more often than Choo or Mauer did. And, this isn't just a 2014 phenomenon. It's not just that Kendrick didn't pop up -- it's that Kendrick has always only very seldom popped up. And that's an indicator of the very thing that makes him successful at the plate.
“I just passed nine months, so I’m in the stage where I’m about to really start ramping everything up,” Stripling said Friday. “I took the holidays off — I was in Arizona right before Christmas, and that’s when I started flipping a couple of curveballs and changeups for the first time. Everything went great with that.

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