Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blog Kiosk: 3/24/2015 - Dodger Links - Rollins and Fernandez

There is nothing like the gleeful celebration after a big win.  You want to cheer loudly, chant boldly and storm the field like a bunch of rabid kids searching for a can to kick.

Featured above is one instance where all three of the above emotions were likely carried out. The vintage International News photo shows the celebration of several local Brooklynites on the diamond after an April 30, 1945 game against the hated New York Giants.  The Dodgers had trailed 3-1 going into their portion of the 8th inning, but rallied to win.  Fans on-hand had been witness to the powerful heroics of Dixie Walker. Via the caption attached to the reverse:
Young Brooklyn Dodger fans are chasing Dixie Walker as the "Peepul's cherce" legs it for the dugout after the end of yesterday's game against the Giants.  Walker added to his popularity with the flatbushers by striking the blow that humbled the New Yorkers 4-3.  He belted out a homer that netted three runs in the 8th inning.
I wonder if that kid with the trumpet was a part of the "Sym-Phony Band."  The press photo above was found on ebay.  Check out the auction here.  Below are some more links to check out:
We had that meeting, and they were talking about all those things. When I chose the Dodgers as a team to go to, I wanted a team that had history. The Phillies have been around for a long, long time (dating to 1883). They weren’t -- and I use the term lightly – a “pop-up franchise.” They were part of the original makeup of baseball.

I needed a team, I wanted a team, that had the same historic value in this game, a footprint in this game. This was a place that had it, and even moreso because of the integration factor. Then you start thinking, “OK, that’s in the past. I have to somehow tear that wall down, and start letting it come in.”
"It's a great privilege to sign with such a great team like the Dodgers," Fernandez told MLB.com in a phone interview from the Dominican Republic. "I've always liked the Dodgers, even back when I never even imagined playing at that level. I'm ready to do what they want me to do. I know there are still things to learn."
“Good control, command, great kid, good attitude, that’s all I can say,” Guerrero said by way of a scouting report. “Slider, fastball — the best thing is that he locates them good.”
  • Here's some Baseball business news.  Via Darren Heitner at Forbes, "Louisville Slugger To Be Acquired For $70 Million" by Wilson Sporting Goods.

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