Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog Kiosk: 3/25/2015 - Dodger Links - Ryu OK (for now), Olivera Arm Issues and Preventing Future Injuries

Check out who visited Dodger Stadium yesterday.  That's 1988 Dodger World Series champion Rick Dempsey.  Photo above was tweeted by the @Dodgers.

Funny story:  About a decade ago I visited Dodgertown in Vero Beach for Spring Training and spent a good amount of time gathering signatures like everyone else.  So, imagine my delight when Dempsey, a member of the '88 team, was on the field.  Strangely, he was largely ignored since he was no longer a player and was working as a coach for the opposing team instead - which made getting his signature easy.  Anyway, after fielding a question from some young lad about who he was Dempsey remarked (to paraphrase), "ya know, I was on the '88 Dodger team."  I got a good laugh out of that one.

Below are some more links to check out:

  • Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports tells us that the Dodgers were able to get something unique out of Hector Oliver should he require Tommy John Surgery.  This has also been confirmed by JP Hoornstra, and Jesse Sanchez on twitter confirms Passan's previous scoop that Olivera does have a slight tear in his UCL.  Obviously, there were some concerns by the Dodgers about his arm, but with this now hovering over him I can't help but think that this deal is an overpay.

  • The man who doesn't want to talk about Los Angeles, talks about Los Angeles. Via Pedro Moura at the OC Register, "Kemp convinced he's found a healthier situation with Padres."
“I’ll talk about the Dodgers just a little bit,” Kemp volunteers. “We had a lot of talented outfielders over there that are used to playing every day. It wasn’t good for any of us to wonder if we were gonna play. It’s not a healthy situation.”

“I thought they would figure it out, but they just kept all of us. Honestly, right now, I feel like they might be in the same situation.”
“I always like to think big, I always like planning things out,” Hernandez said, “I worked the whole entire off-season working towards being the everyday second baseman in Miami and when I got traded, I got all these people telling me ‘Oh you got traded, you got screwed by that trade, there’s no room for you there,’ and I told myself ‘Hey, I don’t care, they traded for me for a reason, it means they like me.’ I’m just going to keep working hard.”
  • Considering past history, the Dodgers sorely need this.  Via Stephania Bell at, "Dodgers, Kitman partner on program."  
Kitman Labs, a sports technology company with a history of providing European teams with data regarding athlete management and injury prevention, has worked with the Dodgers for a year to develop a comprehensive program specifically tailored to baseball players. 

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