Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Out of this World - Actually, Out of Dodger Stadium (videos)

As I'm sure you know by now, Gaincarlo Stanton accomplished something last night that only a handful of others had done.  In his first at-bat of the evening he belted a waist-high fastball that went up and over the outfield bleachers at Dodger Stadium.  This feat had only happened four times in the past by three different players since the stadium's opening, and I thought it would be fun to seek out videos of each one to share here.

First, below is a listing of the "out of the park" homers (including Stanton's drive from last night) at Dodger Stadium, via
  • Giancarlo Stanton / Miami / 475 feet / Against Mike Bolsinger to Left field / May 12, 2015
  • Mark McGwire / St. Louis / 483 feet / Against Jamie Arnold to Left-center / May 22, 1999
  • Mike Piazza / Dodgers / 478 feet / Against Frank Castillo (Col) to Left field / Sept. 21, 1997
  • Willie Stargell / Pittsburgh  / 470 feet / Against Andy Messersmith to Right field / May 8, 1973
  • Willie Stargell / Pittsburgh / 506 ft., 6 in. / Agsinst Alan Foster to Right field / Aug. 5, 1969
As you can see, Pittsburgh great Willie Stargell did it twice during his career.  Below are the videos I was able to track down.  Unfortunately, I just could not find Mark McGwire's home run from 1999. (Strange, eh?)  If you know where it is please pass that along.  Also, there doesn't appear to be footage of Stargell's two home runs, but there is a video the Dodgers put together celebrating the feat.

Stanton' home run from last night:

Video Link:

Mike Piazza home run from 1997:

Video Link:

A tribute video to Willie Stargell's round-trippers:

Video Link:

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