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Blog Kiosk: 6/19/2015 - Dodger Links - A Walk Off Balk

Embraces all around for a tough close game that ended in a surprising way.

Last night the Dodgers won on a walk-off balk.... That's right, they won 'cause a rookie pitcher just a couple months past his 22nd birthday did a little fidget while standing set to deliver his pitch.  What caused it can be attributed to third base runner Kike Hernandez; who did a fake steal for home.  Per Ken Gurnick at
Hernandez, game enough to wear a banana suit if it'll trigger a rally, jumped at the chance for a mock steal of home and Kela flinched.

"He fell for it," said Hernandez. "I used to do them all the time in high school."
And we have third base coach Lorenzo Bundy to thank for coming up with the idea to execute it.
"That's the way we roll in the Minor Leagues sometimes," said Bundy. "I felt after the young pitcher got into trouble [walks to Yasmani Grandal and Andre Ethier], then he gets the double play [on Alberto Callaspo after he failed to bunt] and, in a tight situation, a lot of times they get the two outs and kind of relax. I figured with two strikes on Jimmy, I'd just take a shot."
Wow!  This might be the oddest way to win a game.  Go here to watch a replay of it.  BTW, the last time the Dodgers won in this fashion was in 2010.  Scott Andes at Lasorda's Lair tells us all about it here.  And of course, the ever affable Kike Hernandez shared something funny on twitter:

The above photo via the Dodgers on twitter.  Below are some links to check out:
“When we were going good, we were having quality at-bats up and down the lineup. We need to continue to make the guy fight for every out,” Mattingly said. “It’s not that complicated, really, just the mentality of team baseball, getting a good pitch, making him fight for his out, don’t give him any easy ones. If he beats you, then he beats you. We’ve just got to get back to who we are and we feel like we’re a team that is going to have quality at-bats.”
  • Via Ron Clements at the Sporting News, "Vin Scully calls Joc Pederson best fielding CF Dodgers have ever had."
  • Via Mike Oz at Big League Stew, "StewPod #5: Joc Pederson talks 'Call of Duty' and MLB's talented rookie class."
  • I just came across this interview, so I thought I would pass it along.  Here is a 2007 interview, via NPR, with Frank Robinson as he speaks about the legacy of Jackie Robinson.  He also tells us about his first meeting with Jackie.  Check it out here.
  • In the strange but true bin.  Sports card hobby veteran Bob Lemke writes about a, "Player's "prank" would be child abuse today."
A player's "prank" 50 years ago rated a visit by the sheriff, but today would likely have resulted in child abuse charges, a suspension and a multi-million dollar lawsuit....
In the complaint, Mrs. Doreen Buechler charged that when Seattle had been in town on May 11, a player wearing uniform #40 had given her 13-year-old son a chaw of tobacco that made him ill. Jernigan, the Rainers' manager confirmed, had worn number 40 at that time.

The complaint alleged that young Buechler had asked the player for a baseball. Jernigan told the kid he'd give him a ball if take a chew of tobacco and hold it in his mouth for 10 minutes. The boy was later found lying in the middle of a lavatory floor at the park "violently ill."
I'm a terrible man for laughing, aren't I?
I must admit, though, that the same thing happened to me... kind of... I tried chewing tobacco once in my life, and made the mistake of swallowing some of it... Yeah... I didn't feel very well after that.

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