Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Will Ferrell Cards are Now Available - A Look at all the Cards

Topps 2015 Archives set is out at stores, so fans of Baseball and comedy finally have an opportunity to gaze upon the cardboard goodness of Will Ferrell.

During this past Spring the comedian extraordinaire delighted fans with an spectacle that is sure to be remembered for a long time.  He got onto the field and played nine different positions and batted as a DH for the ten different Cactus League clubs on a single day - reminiscent of a similar feat accomplished by Bert Campaneris on September 8, 1965.  On that day Campaneris became the first person to ever play all nine fielding positions in a single game.  BTW, Ferrell wore #19 (Bert's number) in honor of him.

In celebration of this happening Topps has created a 10-card Baseball card set featuring Ferrell in each uniform and inserted them into their Archives set.  Below are pics of every card in the subset.

Also, a limited number of cards have been autographed by Ferrell - numbered to only ten copies for each team card.  So far, only two of the autographed cards have turned up on eBay and they sold for huge dollars.  A Diamondbacks autographed card sold for $899.99 (see auction here) and a Reds autographed card sold for $699.99 (see auction here).

Directly below are pics of both the front and back of the Will Ferrell Dodger card.  The reverse includes the following description:
Will faced one batter for the Dodgers, retiring San Diego's Rico Noel on a bunt -- 1-3, if you're scoring at home.  Ferrell thus tied the all-time record for lowest career Spring Training ERA at 0.00.

Will Ferrell Set

#WFA-9 Will Ferrell - Los Angeles Dodgers

And if you're curious, here's the rest of the set.

#1 A's                                                #2 Mariners

#3 Angels                                                   #4 Cubs

#5 Diamondbacks                                            #6 Reds

#7 White Sox                                                #8 Giants

#9 Dodgers                                                 #10 Padres

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