Monday, October 12, 2015

A Couple Brooklyn Dodger Items at Hunt Auctions

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog posting.  Currently ongoing is Hunt's October auction, and it includes a couple of Dodger memorabilia items I wanted to highlight.

Featured above is 1939 Brooklyn Dodgers Spring Training player roster and guide with the iconic 1939 Baseball Centennial logo emblazoned on it.  As you may know, every player in the league wore this Centennial logo patch on their uniforms and teams throughout plastered it on everything.  And no wonder, I consider it one of the best creations in the history of the game.  I absolutely love that logo.

The next item below represents the famous Dodger mascot created by Willard Mullin and portrayed by legendary clown Emmett Kelly at Brooklyn ballgames.  This is something I've never seen before, and am uncertain if the doll is actually vintage.  Clearly, the Brooklyn Dodger pin attached to it is vintage.  In today's world this kind of image would be frowned upon, but when paired with sports nostalgia it becomes a collectible. 
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