Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dodgers on Vintage Advertising Pieces at Hunt Auctions

Advertising makes the business of Baseball go 'round.

Hunt's current Live Auction at Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory includes a handful of fantastic vintage advertising pieces featuring several Dodgers' of note.  Check them out below.
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Red Barber, Ford C. Frick Award winner and legendary Brooklyn Dodger broadcaster, is featured in the large-sized Old Gold Cigarettes poster above.  He manned the mic for the Dodgers from 1939 to 1953, and is renowned for his folksy style.  He popularized phases such as; "can of corn,"sittin' in the catbird seat" and "back, back, back..."  The latter was eventually adopted by ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman.

As you may know, Barber was from the South, so he initially had some very mixed feelings about the Dodgers signing Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier.  In fact, he was determined to quit his position with the team.  Due to the prodding of his wife, though, he stuck it out and was witnessed to not only the fantastic play of Robinson but also the vicious verbal attacks by opposing fans.  Quickly, he became a cheerleader for Jackie, as well as the other black ballplayers to follow him.

One of those barrier-breaking ballplayers to follow Robinson was Roy Campanella, and featured below is a counter-top store display advertising Coca Cola with him on it.  It is dated to 1952.
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Below is a 1950's era Rawlings advertising poster featuring Brooklyn Dodger centerfielder Duke Snider.
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