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Blog Kiosk: 12/7/2015 - Dodger Links - Some Odds and Ends

Above is another fantastic Charles Conlon original photograph that recently sold at an RMY Auction this weekend.  As you can see, it features Brooklyn Hall of Fame pitcher Dazzy Vance in his follow-through.  This photograph sold for $286.  Check out the listing here.

Below are more links to check out:
  • Although not yet confirmed by the team, the Dodgers have resigned Chase Utley via a tweet by Jeff Passan:

"It was a very tough decision, but I am headed to L.A.," Geren said. "Both my wife and I have aging parents and extended family in Southern California. It's not often you get a chance in baseball to work that close to home and to your family. I'm going to miss everything about New York and the Mets. It was a wonderful four years."
  • Via Joe Posnanski at NBC Sports, "Then and now: A desperate gambit 50 years ago shows just how much baseball has changed."  Joe writes about the time Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax tried to collectively negotiate a contract.
Here’s the thing that is striking about the Koufax-Drysdale gambit — it never had a chance of working, and that is made entirely clear by the amused reaction of the Dodgers’ brass. You might imagine the miserly Walter O’Malley, his face red with rage, shaking his fist and grumping, “You’ll never get another nickel out of me!” But it wasn’t like that. O’Malley and Bavasi were not angry at all. Quite the opposite. They sounded almost sympathetic to the absurdity of baseball players believing that they had the power to command that sort of money or security.
  • This is too damn cute.  A couple of Dodger fans "revealed their Baby's gender in the most epic way possible," via Morgan Shanahan at BuzzFeed.
  • ICYMI:  Andrew Friedman responds to Greinke signing with Arizona on twitter:

  • Apparently, the Dodgers have added another coach.  He is Chris Woodward and he will man 1st base, via a tweet from Ken Rosenthal:

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