Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dude! ...It's Only Spring Training!

Oh, Man!  This kind of stuff just kills me.

And I know it shouldn't, but I can't help it... And, I know complaints like this is just trolling for trolling sake...

Still, it's so damn irksome.  Like, skin crawling with tiny little spiders kind of annoying.

It's even more irritating that it has to be explained every March that spring training games should not be judged on results alone.  After all, how seriously can you take a game that includes pitchers throwing only two innings (max!) and regular everyday players leaving the field by the sixth inning -- some even jump in a car to go home... During the game!  Heck, ballplayers can be seen jogging and doing wind-sprints in the outfield while game is in play.  Still, we have to endure comments like this:
(Tweet Link)

Ah, Crap!  Are you freek'n kidding me!

Come on, now.  This has to be trolling because no Baseball fan who has watched the game for an extended period of time could actually find this to be worthy of any discussion.

"Why even have spring training games?"...

... My head just exploded...  

I get that you hate the Dodgers front office and you're eager to use anything... and I mean anything... to justify complaints about them.  But, there's something you gotta understand.  When you delve into the inane your perfectly valid disagreements (of which there are some) lose their bite.  You just end up sounding like some madman screaming at the top of his lungs on the street corner.  

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  1. Don't let it bother you. Replace whatever the troll says with "I don't like my life, I have lots of problems and I'm going to express my inadequacies by being randomly critical of people I can't see and don't know." Because that's what all of those tweets actually say.

    1. yeah... I know. I just had an impulse and had to mouth off a bit.

      I feel better now.

  2. That guy is a total tool. Nice post putting him in his place.


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