Monday, April 11, 2016

Opening Day Restrictions Continue

Much like last year, there are significant restrictions against tailgating in the parks in-and-around Dodger Stadium for Opening Day, tomorrow afternoon.  I should also note that there is no tailgating allowed within the parking lot of the stadium.

For the surrounding area, there will be a strict "no alcohol" rule and no parking will be allowed on Palm Row/Avenue of the Palms in Elysian Park.  This is a street on Stadium Way that is between Scott Avenue and Academy Road.  In years past this site would be the location of day-long parties on Opening Day, and the revelry oftentimes morphed into a general neighborhood nuisance. 

I should also note that there is likely to be a strong police presence throughout the area; including Elysian Park.  You should not be drinking alcohol anywhere.  I suspect that even having it hidden within a nondescript cup will not stop you from getting a ticket. 

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