Friday, March 03, 2017

A Vintage Jackie Robinson Bust

This is fantastic.  And to a Jackie Robinson collector it is unusual.

Featured above and below is a Jackie Robinson bust currently for sale at Inside the Park Collectibles (Auction Link).  Likely from the 1940's, it exactly resembles a well known memorabilia piece commonly known to Robinson collectors as the Petitto Studios Jackie Robinson candy container.  You can see a pic of that on the right.

Spitting image, eh?

The bust stands about 5 1/2" tall (roughly twice the size of the candy container without the clear plastic) and also includes a Petitto Studios makers mark on the reverse.  So, they both come from the same place, and it makes me wonder if the bust was a model for the ensuing candy box.  I say this because the candy container is quite plentiful (as vintage memorabilia goes); whereas, this bust is something I have never seen before.  According to the auction house this is a first for them too.

I have no idea what something would be worth, but I am sure it'll find it's way into someone's collection.  It's just too unique to be ignored.

UPDATE:  I see now that this exact bust recently sold on eBay (link here) at $158.05.  So the buyer is trying to flip it.   One thing that auction notes is that the bust is made of plaster.

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