Wednesday, September 27, 2017

2017 Topps Triple Threads - The Dodgers Triple Relic and Autographed Cards

Now that you've seen the base cards, here are some of the inserts. I thought I would start with the cards that gives this brand their name. Featured directly below are both the relics and autographed relics that include cleverly spelled out phrases. These cards have three relic pieces with cutouts that highlights a professional achievement or a nickname. Sometimes, though, they are kinda stupid.

For instance, they gave Julio Urias a card that spells out, "October Kid" -- even though the young lad has mixed and minimal experience in the postseason. Last year he came out of the pen in the NLDS to pitch two scoreless innings against the Nationals. Then later on he started against the Cubs, but got shelled.

On another note, all Corey Seager autographed cards come with a redemption. Also, one of the five different Julio Urias Autographed Triple Relic cards come as a redemption -- which is weird.

Autograph Triple Relics

  • #TTAR-CS1 Corey Seager -- Redemption Card
  • #TTAR-CS2 Corey Seager -- Redemption Card
  • #TTAR-CS3 Corey Seager -- Redemption Card
#TTAR-CBE1 Cody Bellinger

#TTAR-CBE2 Bellinger                 #TTAR-CBE3 Bellinger

#TTAR-CBE4 Bellinger              #TTAR-CBE5 Bellinger

#TTAR-CKE1 Clayton Kershaw
  • #TTAR-JU3 Julio Urias -- Redemption Card
#TTAR-JU1 Julio Urias                  #TTAR-JU2 Julio Urias

#TTAR-JU4 Julio Urias                   #TTAR-JU5 Julio Urias

#TTAR-KM1 Kenta Maeda           #TTAR-KM2 Kenta Maeda

#TTAR-MIKE2 Mike Piazza

#TTAR-NG1 Nomar Garciaparra

Triple Threads Relics

#TTR-CA1 Corey Seager

#TTR-CA2 Corey Seager                  #TTR-CA3 Corey Seager

#TTR-CE1 Clayton Kershaw         #TTR-CE2 Clayton Kershaw

#TTR-KM1 Kenta Maeda            #TTR-KM2 Kenta Maeda

Autograph Relic Combos

  • #ARC-BSU Urias, Bellinger & Seager -- Redemption Card
  • #ARC-KSU Seager, Urias & Kershaw -- Redemption Card

Base Rookies and Future Phenoms Autographed Relics

  • #RPA-CS Corey Seager - redemption card
  • #RPA-JU Julio Urias - redemption card
#RPA-AT Andrew Toles

Rookie Autographs

#RA-CB Cody Bellinger

Relic Combos

#TTRC-MKU Kershaw, Urias & Maeda

#TTRC-PGP Pederson, Gonzalez & Puig

#TTRC-SKU Kershaw, Urias & Seager

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