Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Koufax Tropicana Hotel Postcard - Sandy in a Dodger Uniform

Many moons back I briefly wrote about an oddball postcard I had run into. It is from the famous Tropicana Hotel on Santa Monica Boulevard, and it prominently featured Dodger legend Sandy Koufax. Check out that original post here (I wrote a bit about the hotels fun and sordid past).

As you'll recall, Sandy had purchased the facility in the early 60's, and wisely sought to cash in on his fame and popularity by using himself as an promotional tools. As a result, they issued various postcards splattered with either his name and/or face.

At the time, I was only aware of a casually dressed Koufax in these postcards (see that on the right), but now I realize a postcard exist with him in Dodger Blue -- albeit, with a poorly drawn-on Dodger uni. You can see that postcard at the very top of this post.

The featured postcard is currently available for auction through Mile High Card Collectibles and currently sits at $528.00 NM-MT PSA 8 condition (auction link).

Obviously, the Dodger duds were airbrushed on the postcard. In fact, it is easily one of the worst examples of airbrushing I have ever seen. Nevertheless, it's a cool little variation. BTW, you can check out the reverse of the postcard below.

In other news, I just added this to my Sandy Koufax vintage card/memorabilia checklist. You can see that here.

UPDATE: OMG! This postcard sold for HUGE dollars! It closed at $13,033.31 (incl. buyers premium). Wow!

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