Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Turner's Doppelganger - Some Fun Fantasy Cards

Like most of you, I was introduced to a fellow on social media who bore a striking resemblance to a certain red-headed infielder on the Dodgers -- Justin Turner. The Dodger Blue wearing fan was seen all around Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park, within the stadium and with numerous Dodger players -- enjoying selfie and selfie. After all, when you look like the older retired version of a very popular current Dodger player you're gonna have a good time.

Meet Tampa Bay resident James Worley and check out his style. The fellow sports lustrous red hair with a long beard to match, and a stout body that looks like what I imagine an aging and retired Justin Turner might look like decades from now.

BTW, you can follow Worley on twitter here: @RedTurnTwo. He shares a bunch of great pics with both players and fans alike.

Obviously, with Turner's doppelganger being the proverbial "toast of the social media town" I had to take a few moments to make some fantasy Baseball cards of him. Check them out above and below. I've even included a card that features both Worley and Turner in a selfie (below).

Furthermore, I suggest checking out Matthew Moreno's story at Dodger Blue that tells us all about James Worley and how he got to where he is, here.
“More people started chiming in on how much I look like [Turner],” Worley said. He walked the Florida Mall, in uniform, and predictably was approached.
“There were people who saw me in the mall and thought I was Justin Turner,” Worley said with a laugh. “I had to tell them he’s across the country playing baseball.” 
Fast forward to the present, and Worley has met the Dodgers in Philadelphia. Monday’s game was his first since being dubbed Turner’s doppelganger. He was outside Citizens Bank Park several hours prior to first pitch when Dodgers coaches spotted him. 
Hyun-Jin Ryu was the first player to seek Worley out for a photograph. Kenley Jansen and Turner were among those to follow suit. Worley told Turner, ‘Man, you’re like a brother from another mother,’ and the two shared a laugh.

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